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Do you need a Lawyer when going through a Divorce, or is a Paralegal

Paralegals are more affordable than lawyers and may have more experience in court filing and procedures, making them well-suited to handling smaller legal matters. Lawyers have a far broader knowledge of the law and are able to take on the most complex cases.

A divorce paralegal can assist clients in a timely manner at a more affordable cost. However, only a lawyer who is licensed by their provincial law society can provide legal advice to clients. Paralegals can provide information but are prevented from providing legal advice to clients.

If a divorce is contested, the assistance of a lawyer is required. As paralegals cannot offer legal advice, nor represent clients in Court of King’s Bench of Alberta, a lawyer must be retained.

When clients are amicable and want an uncontested divorce, paralegals, even within law firms, prepare the divorce documents, not the lawyers. Clients can save a lot a money using a divorce paralegal to obtain an uncontested divorce for them.

Whether clients are working with a lawyer or paralegal, attempting divorce mediation is always recommended to save on costs, stress and avoiding long drawn out protracted litigation. A contested divorce may become an uncontested divorce by working with a divorce mediator, resulting is significantly lower costs, less stress, matters being resolved quicker and in a more amicable manner.

If an agreement is reached, other than to provide legal advice on individual’s circumstances and the agreement reached, a paralegal can assist so there is no need to hire a lawyer and face high costs and protracted litigation.

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