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Do you need a lawyer to file for an uncontested divorce?

Divorce paralegals can obtain an uncontested divorce for clients at a fraction of the cost.

In the past, with a traditional divorce using lawyers, the lawyers do not prepare divorce documents. The lawyer’s paralegal prepare the documents. With the high cost of lawyers fees, hiring a lawyer is unaffordable to many people.

To get qualified legal assistance when wanting to obtain an uncontested divorce, a divorce paralegal can be retained for a much more affordable cost than hiring a lawyer. The process, particularly when there are children involved, can be complex and time-consuming. When parties attempt to file for divorce themselves, it means standing in line-ups in the courthouse and the possibility of dealing with rejections. It can be a lengthy and frustrating process.

Divorce paralegals can eliminate the high cost and also frustration by offering quality legal services at a more affordable cost to clients. Divorce paralegals can obtain a sole or joint uncontested divorce for clients, providing that the grounds for divorce have been met. In most cases, it is having been separated for a period of at least one year before applying for a divorce.

Experienced divorce paralegals, may prepare a separation agreement for clients. The only fees for a lawyer will be for independent legal advice and for the signing of the separation agreement. A divorce paralegal cannot offer legal advice. While the paralegal can provide information and guidance, only a licensed legal practitioner, a lawyer, can provide legal advice.

Divorce paralegals at WIN/WIN Divorce Resolution offer other paralegal services including drafting court documents and other agreements for clients, drafting Land Titles Office documents associated with separation and division of property, corporate and simple Wills and estate documents.

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