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Everything in life is negotiated

Your marriage was negotiated without a lawyer. A separation and subsequent divorce can be negotiated Win-Win Divorce – saving you time, money and stress.

In many cases couples who amicably agree when dissolving a marriage find themselves in adversarial positions as soon as they seek legal assistance.

Calgary’s WIN/WIN Divorce Resolution will assist with all aspects of separation and divorce, offering financial divorce specialist, mediation and paralegal services .

We educate our clients, provide them with knowledge and the tools necessary to make important decisions regarding division of property, child support, spousal support and parenting.

We will help you create a parenting plan, provide options and solutions to help you and your spouse resolve issues and find a negotiated solution that both parties can agree on – without legal headaches and contentious arguments.

We prepare low-cost, comprehensive separation agreements, uncontested divorce documents and see the process through to completion. We also prepare other family law agreements and documents.

Whether you are common-law or married, conflicted or wanting an amicable divorce, we are Calgary’s solution for a fair, effective, affordable divorce. Let us help you.

Step by Step

We will guide both parties through an uncomplicated step-by-step process that is affordable and relatively stress free. You both save money and time, and when the process is complete you will both feel satisfied with the outcome.

Learn more about the step-by-step process. We even have a preparation guide to help you gather the information you will need to get started.

Move on ………… peacefully

Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist In addition to creating fair agreements, we are accredited as Chartered Financial Divorce Specialists. This specialized training enables us to present you with sound financial advice and provide options for division of assets with projections over 25 years allowing you to see the outcome of your choices. Learn more here.


If it appears you are both at an impasse, our mediator can help you to resolve your issues one at a time. We will assist both parties move forward to your new future sensibly while preserving the family assets, future relationships and the impact on you and your children. Learn more here. Separation Agreements and Uncontested Divorces We will prepare your low-cost separation agreement and uncontested divorce documents setting out the terms of your agreement. Learn more here.

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Win-Win Mediation


Mediation providing options and assisting you with resolving matters to reach an agreement when dividing property, dealing with parenting matters, child support and spousal support Learn more here.

Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist

Chartered Financial Divorce Specialists

Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist (CFDS) helps you avoid making costly financial mistakes. Make educated decisions that affect your future and your children's future. Learn more here

Separation Agreements & Uncontested Divorce

Separation Agreements & Uncontested Divorce

Separation Agreements & Uncontested Divorce We work closely with you to prepare your comprehensive separation agreement and/or uncontested divorce documents Learn more here