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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Divorce, Separation and Mediation

Separation FAQs - Can't Find the Answers ?

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FAQs - Separation

Q: My spouse and I are still living in the same home but consider ourselves separated. Is it possible to be living in the same house with someone but be separated?

Yes, you can be separated from someone and live in the same house. If you are making applications to the Court, you will need to provide evidence to the Court about your living situation and the judge will decide whether or not you and your spouse are truly separated. The judge will look at all of the circumstances to make this decision, for example, whether you eat meals together, whether you cook and clean for each other, whether you share a bedroom, whether you continue to attend family functions together etc.

Q: What is a separation agreement?

A separation agreement is a legal contract between two spouses (whether you are legally married or common-law) setting out the terms of the parties separation including the division of marital assets and debts, guardianship of children, parenting time with children, child support, spousal support and any other matters that needs to be addressed between the parties.

Q: Is a separation agreement required?

In the Province of Alberta having a separation agreement is not mandatory but is recommended, particularly when property is being divided.  Financial institutions require separation agreements for changes to accounts, mortgage applications, etc. as well as Canada Revenue Agency for tax matters.

Q: Do I need a lawyer for a separation agreement?

You do not need a lawyer to prepare your separation agreement.  However, if your property has been divided by a separation agreement, each spouse must attend with a lawyer to obtain independent legal advice when signing the agreement and have the lawyer execute the Certificate of Independent Legal Advice attached to the agreement. 

Q: Does my separation agreement need to be filed with the court?

Your agreement does not need to be filed in any court for it to be valid.

Q: My spouse and I prepared our own separation agreement. Is it legal and binding?

If your property has been divided by a separation agreement, Alberta’s  Family Property Act requires that each spouse attend with a lawyer to obtain independent legal advice when signing the agreement and have the lawyer execute the Certificate of Independent Legal Advice attached to the agreement for the agreement to be legal and binding.

Q: What happens if my spouse breaches a term of our separation agreement?

If one of the parties breaches a term in the agreement, the other party has the option of applying to the Court to enforce the term or terms of the agreement.

Q: What is a 'Parenting After Separation' course?

Parents with children under the age of 16 years are required to attend the Parenting After Separation Course unless the parties live more than 150 kilometers from a city or town offering the Parenting After Separation Course.  If the parties have agreed on all parenting matters and entered into a Separation Agreement, the Separation Agreement can be filed with the court so attendance at the Parenting After Separation Course is not required.  Learn more here


Mediation providing options and assisting you with resolving matters to reach an agreement when dividing property, dealing with parenting matters, child support & spousal support.  Learn more here

Uncontested Divorces

Separation Agreements & Uncontested Divorce We work closely with you to prepare your comprehensive separation agreement and/or uncontested divorce documents  Learn more here

Paralegal Services

As qualified paralegals, we are able to offer a range of additional paralegal services such as pre-nuptial, co-habitation and separation agreements, transfers of land… Learn more here

Parenting after Separation

Parenting After Separation Course is a two hour on-line course or a six hour seminar offering information to guardians and parents about the separation and divorce process, the effects of separation and divorce on children… Learn more here

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:  At WIN/WIN Divorce Resolution we will provide you with information but we do not offer legal advice.  Should you require legal advice, you should consult with a lawyer specializing in family law.  If you do not have a lawyer, we can refer you to a lawyer to obtain legal advice.

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