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It may seem obvious that if you can reach into an agreement and/or enter into a separation agreement without acrimony and competition, it’s better for everyone involved. But, there are many more benefits of mediation that you may not have thought of.

Mediation is usually faster than going through the courts. But, if you’re not satisfied with the progress, it can be terminated at any time.

Mediation is private, informal, safe and comfortable, unlike the public, intimidating environment of a courtroom.

Above all, mediation gives you the chance to reach mutually agreeable resolutions that are tailored to your own individual situation. When an agreement is made freely, voluntarily, without undue influence and on the basis of informed consent, everybody wins. Learn more about how the mediation process works.

You’ve made the hardest decision – to separate. Call (403) 462-4996 now, or email us and find out just how easy it can be.
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